Prince Charming Music Video By Christylez

Every now and then when I have time to play and look through my messages, I come across some good things. This week I came across a song that caught my attention. Keep in mind that I like all types of music… well, almost all types of music… forget about mega hard core screamo or raunchy lyric type songs. Bleh. Give me classy or upbeat or fun songs. Sometimes my song choices include repetitive lyrics, which I actually don’t mind in some cases while I’m working on something. It’s the party-type music with a good beat… you know, the type you can’t seem to get out of your head and have to listen to again and again? Well, this is the type of song that Alex Rocha shared with me through the music video below called “Prince Charming” by Christylez. After I heard it, I just had to have it to add to my work play list.

Check out:

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