The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ for You” Nominated for MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video


The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You” music video hit the internet and became quite a sensation. People actually thought it was a movie trailer, and it was, sort-of. MTV says “The Black Keys turn their music video into an action packed movie trailer complete with knife fights, kickass women and good ‘ole fashion stare downs.” Fans still wish they’d just go ahead and make the video into a feature film using the same cast!

The music video was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. It stars Tricia Helfer, Sean Patrick Flanery, Corbin Bernsen, Todd Bridges, and Shaun White.

Did you know you can vote for “Howlin’ for You” as the Best Rock Video by going to The MTV Video Music Awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on August 28 at 9 PM ET. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below and then go VOTE!

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  1. I agree with Christy on this video. I too wish it were going to be a real movie! Sean Patrick Flanery + eyepatch = HOT. Yeah, I may be very happily married, but I’m not DEAD!!!

  2. hate this song! but i love me some sean patrick!!! I MET HIM HERE IN ST LOUIS!!! IT WAS GREAT!! HE IS SO SUPER SEXY IN PERSON!!

  3. Well, Machette started off as just a fake movie trailer, and now they are making the sequel to it. So, if we scream loud enough, maybe they will make this into a movie!

  4. Gotta agree with the general opinion. This would make an awesome movie. Movies have been built from less than this. The cast of the video are perfect for the story. Maybe Quentin Tarentino or Greg Arakis as director. This is Tricia Helfer’s calling.

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