Soundtrack Review- Meet the Robinsons – Walt Disney Records


By Michael Sullivan

Various artists  “Meet the Robinsons” (Walt Disney Records)

Pretty hip soundtrack to the latest Disney kids movie,”Meet the Robinsons”.

The story about a boy looking for a family in the future is supported by a funky mix of pop,rock and primary score composed by Danny Elfman. These hybrid score/soundtracks can be top notch and this one is that.

Starting off with Rufus Wainwright’s “Another Believer”,the first 6 songs are all solid,Wainwright chips in two,Jaime Collum chips in another two (including a wonderful take on “Give Me the Simple Life”. Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas and the All American Rejects also contribute a song apiece.

The score by Elfman is very stylish,more hip 50’s meets the 20’s then a weird far in the future vibe. The score is restrained but rich with emotion at the right times. The lounge mix combined with some very sublime background vocals,Elfman sounds like he took a cue or two from Pixar’s “The Incredibles”. On “Pop Quiz and the Time Machine Montage”,the mix of jazz and lounge are perfectly mixed in. The score is for adults,the cartoon is for the kids…

Highly recommended.

This CD can be bought at any major retailer or at any Disney Store.

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