Lady Gaga’ “Judas” (Norman Reedus) Nominated for MTV Video Music Awards

Actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) appears as “Judas” in Lady Gaga’s music video JUDAS. I remember well how this music video hit the internet world. Gaga and Norman Reedus fans alike were waiting for any news about its release. It was originally slated to be shown on Easter weekend, and then moved up again and again, and with a final announcement of when the music video would air on television, it still got ‘leaked’ out through the internet before the official release time.

From what I saw and read, it seemed that reactions were mixed about the music video, including about the song in general. One thing fans agreed on is that Norman Reedus’ smooth strong charisma highlighted the video and fans wished that he had a lot more screen-time since his character was the name of the song and video.

Lady Gaga co-directed the video along with creative director and “The Dance Scene” star Laurieann Gibson.

Did you know you can vote for “Judas” as the video for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY & BEST ART DIRECTION by going to The MTV Video Music Awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on August 28 at 9 PM ET. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below and then go VOTE HERE & VOTE HERE!


  1. Ok….. Norman rocked the biker look soooo much!!!!!!! He totally has the “bad boy” look, so sexy…..I LOVE YOU, NORMIE!!!!!!! especially the vampiric additude…… :3

  2. It’s a fascinating story line, I watched it before but the more I watch the more I see – the 12 disciples as biker dudes is cool. Norman Reedus did a great job of Judas. You deserve a win Norman – best wishes coming your way… You have my support by my vote!

  3. Another catholic girl working out some issues with the church. I am surprised the Catholic League didn’t get into this one they way they Madonna’s Like a Prayer video. If anything, this one had more potential for sacrilege. Personally, I like the video. Norman Reedus was a good choice for Judas. He might not beat Sean Patrick Flannery’s Irish accent, but he has presence and rocks the biker part. Maybe you have to be a fallen Catholic like me to really feel this video and song.

  4. Norman Reedus=Amazing. I love GaGa as well….but Norman is just…ugh…phenomenal!

  5. That is a messed up video. Gaga and everyone else should be ashamed. I like Norman Reedus, but not this video!

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