Pirates of the Caribbean – At Worlds End – DVD Review

Johnny Depp has definitely out done himself with this movie. All of the cast is just wonderful actors and actresses. This movie shows just how talented they are. I would think that out of all of them Johnny Depp who plays Jack Sparrow deserves a lot of credit. This will be a great movie to add to your collection, especially if you already own the first two. Also, this DVD includes a second disk that is loaded with bonus features.

This movie has some wonderful directing and production. To have all of the cast members be where they are suppose to be must have been very difficult. However, the movie shows that there was a lot of creativity and work between the cast and the filmmakers. It just makes it look easy. I think that everyone should look at the stunts that were involved in this movie. The cost for the ships and the equipment must have been astronomical, but well worth the entertainment.

I loved how the events of the story unfolded. How the remaining captains helped find Jack Sparrow in Davy Jones Locker. What Jack went through in that locker would have drove anyone in their right minds insane. Then, we moved on to where Elizabeth has to learn the fate of her father and except it. What happens in the end between Will and Elizabeth is wonderful. It is not exactly what I thought would happen but that just keeps us on our toes.

I hope that you consider watching this movie. It is well worth the time. So, enjoy.

By Jennifer Martin

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