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Cata9tales – Hello Maybe Everything

In order to keep up with Cata9tales‘ lyricist Berkley Priest one would have to spend hours on end practicing. How he is able to rhyme that fast and still make sense of the words is a mystery. Bringing poetry to life though Kreator’s music and beats, Berkley unveils his dream project Hello Maybe Everything. This gifted team not only raise the bar, they annihilate every sought after goal, dream, and aspiration Berkley shared with me two years ago. This much anticipated album empowers your internal rapper-rockstar while lifting your soul. It creates the perfect opportunity to either dance on your desk or hug a stranger. Don’t get me wrong, this album isn’t about living the perfect life. It is love and loss, pain and joy, fear and bravery, weakness and strength, failure and success. We are once again lured into the real, honest, raw, and unapologetic sharing of a genuine existence.

Hello Maybe Everything is the first Cata9tales album under the Monarchy label. Thankfully the label encouraged the duo to keep creating their own sound versus trying to force them into a specific genre. Keeping the unique mixes and heartfelt lyrics as the foundation we find ourselves listening to a metamorphosis as this passion project rises to life. Every note, word, beat, and guest artist are meticulously aligned into perfection. These are no longer two creative geniuses working feverishly in the night; they are bona fide contenders who are taking the world by storm.

“Robin Hood Rich” feeds us brilliant reminders of our youth by threading in remnants of our favorite foxy thief with hints of 80’s and 90’s pop culture. It’s hard to listen to this song without mirroring the bobbing head of a retro magnet turtle. Nite Owl might ask you to stop smiling, but dimples are in. His style is reminiscent of the old school rappers I grew up listening to blending both humor and smooth transitions.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear actor Chad Lindberg as the foreboding narrator on “Death of a Household Name”. Its haunting melody sifts through broken memories taunting fame’s downward spiral. Truth Hz manipulates his young pipes to embody the voice of a seasoned Blues singer.

Title track “Hello Maybe Everything” brings broken dreams to the surface in order to insure the same mistakes aren’t revisited. It is a gentle reminder that your past does not define you, but is merely a token of where you’ve been. Tracy Joyner (“Tiger in a Tropical Storm” and “Heartbeats on Hold”) beckons sorrow with a melancholy chorus before instilling hope of new beginnings.

The heart of this album lies in a beautiful remembrance of the woman who helped raise Berkley and his brothers, Bestella. A loving tribute of life lessons and memories “Bestella” finds us all falling in love with this amazing woman. It takes a lot of hard work to help raise someone else’s child. Even if not intentional you inevitably instill certain values in them which they then take into adulthood. You are their mentor, caregiver, teacher, and most importantly their friend. I spent my entire childhood learning from my Grandma Kragel. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized she was a lovely lady my parents hired to be my babysitter. To me she was, and always will be, my grandma. She took great care to make sure my days with her were filled with music and laughter. So for all of the Bestellas and Grandma Kragels who love and care for children everywhere this song is for you. Ray Martin adds the perfect touch of admiration and respect with his affecting vocals.

Hello Maybe Everything is more than an album, more than a song, more than words … it is the core truth where hope resides. It is encouragement for the daydreamers to keep pushing through.

*Hello Maybe Everything is available in stores and online. For more information be sure to check out where you can download both A Chameleon’s Dream and Kick the Bad Love for FREE. Keep up to date by liking Cata9tales’ official FaceBook music page.

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