Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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    Kendra Erika

    Kendra Erika Talks About Her New Single, “Break the Wheel”

    "I love interacting and connecting with people," says pop music's Kendra Erika, "but I gotta get off this hamster wheel of social media that...

    The Strip Down of an Abstract/Figurative Artist, Keith Mikell

    Keith Mikell is an abstract/figurative artist and his art reaches out to not just captivate or beautify but in fact touch people emotionally. Keith...

    Reflective Review of Batman: Arkham Origins

    Warner Bros. Games Montreal had been given a daunting task to accomplish- to create the ultimate Batman experience. A goal already achieved not just...

    Interview with the Multi-talented Scott Haskin

    For those of you who are not familiar with Scott's work, let me tell you a little about his background before we get into...

    PYSIS: Every Woman In The World Will Want ..

    Listen up Ladies! Here is the shoe 411 & what every woman in the world will want! Ladies, we all love our shoes right? The...

    Molly Conole’s Musical Interview

    What is IUWE? Pronounced "I," "You," "We," it’s a musical revue that every woman, lady and girl can relate to. It’s a good ladies...

    New and Breakthrough Christian Artist : C.J. Ballard

    This is a story of a true 9-5 regular Joe, who found God while living a troubled life. His path is one that everyone...