Rene Lopez – Let’s Be Strangers Again


Let’s Be Strangers Again is the latest EP by Rene Lopez. Bringing the various flavors of New York to life through sound Rene once again finds balance in his signature blend of genres. With roots planted deeply in traditional salsa music Rene carries on the family tradition of entertaining with both passion and flair.

Best known for his quick wit and funky style Rene delves more into the serious side of life this time around. Lyrically the audience can relate to how sometimes life can become stale. We all too often lose the enthusiasm in both ourselves and our relationships. Title track “Let’s Be Strangers Again” follows love being renewed. Lyrics based in the core of a relationship like ‘lovers on the rollercoaster that will never end’ is reminiscent of marriage vows. Pacing life’s ups and downs the drum finale drives love back into what was forgotten.

The first time I listened to “Midnight Love” I could imagine the dinner crowd dancing at the historic Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles. This song has its own swagger and creates an appealing throwback to the old greats. Rene uses the subtle softness in his voice which he usually shies away from. This slight change brings a richness to his voice adding to the longing of the lyrics.

The official release party of Let’s Be Strangers Again is this Thursday (11/14). Rene will be playing on Stage 2 of Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen Street) in New York City. If you are in the area be sure to swing by and celebrate with Rene. You can buy tickets here. For those of you not in the area you can purchase the digital copy or an autographed EP at Rene’s store.

Go put on your dancing shoes and let’s be strangers again.

*For more information on Rene please visit his official site and be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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