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Listen up Ladies! Here is the shoe 411 & what every woman in the world will want!

Ladies, we all love our shoes right? The ones that we love so much, that we will buy the shoes, and proceed then to buy an outfit that goes with the shoes. You know, the shoes that generally, if our significant other knew how much we paid for them, would flip out. Then our hearts break as we finally get to wear these wonderful shoes that we adore, and something happens. It may be rain, snow, slush, mud, scuffed, torn etc. What if there was a way to protect all of your beloved shoes while in route and/or, in the weather? And the best part, still look HOT doing it? I have just found the answer to our prayers!

They are called Overboots from PYSIS. The designer (Cassandra Droogan) came up with the idea while sitting in her car in Manhattan. As she sat in her car, she noticed all these women running by in the rain, while ruining their shoes, or wearing clunky rain boots that did not look good with their outfit. Having experienced this dilemma herself before, she thought “wouldn’t it be nice to be able to protect your beloved shoes without having to wear bags over your feet” (which she herself has admitted to doing) or resort to your father’s clunky, ugly and awkward looking galoshes?

Well, now the answer is YES! You can wear and protect your darling shoes and look good, all at the same time! In the early days of the recession, she lost her job in the banking industry and became obsessed with bringing her creation to life. Having no background in the fashion or manufacturing world, it started with a custom shoe maker she worked closely with in New York making the prototype. And over four years of persistence, networking, trips to factories and never swaying from her goal of functionality and quality, that was about five months ago, she was finally able to make the first production run.

pysis-processAnd to make things even better, is how they work! You wear them over your precious shoes. They work on a variety of styles and sizes. And, if you are in your spunky spiked heels, with the boot on over them, they actually make it easier to walk than with the shoe alone. The elasticity in the boot holds your feet securely in place. Sizing is easy, and best of all you can carry them with you. So that if you need them they are there, and if not, keep them in your bag. Also in the works, is a shorter bootie style that you can look forward to down the line.

They are available online only, and in US and Canada right now, but Cassandra is hoping that with Indiegogo, or Kickstarter, that they will be available in retail stores by next Fall. So, without further ado, here are all the ways you can get your own pair! I know I will never worry about wearing my dearly beloved shoes again!

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Twitter: @PYSIS

Article by Jamie Leigh

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