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CD Review – Melody Club “At Your Service”

Melody Club is a very cool throwback to the 80’s New Wave…great dance vibes, synths and very crisp vocals. But “At Your Service” may be the first CD that will actually make an impact here in the States, these guys from Sweden are no Bjorn-come-lately. The new album is actually their 4th effort and they also have over 300 shows under their belt,including a tour with Aussie dance queen Kylie Minogue.

While some folks have compared Melody Club with the Bee Gees and Cheap Trick…I say they are closer to Human League with some very good songwriting. Now while they don’t have any female members,the band…Erik Stenemo,Jon Axelsson and Kristofer Ostergren are sharp enough to use Tanja Ankers,who lends a very wistful background vocal.
While every song is a solid piece of dance music dying to be re-mixed by DJ’s everywhere,the song that stands out is “Killing A Boy”. This is a very good album and I hope Virgin will release the first earlier albums here as well…

Highly recommended.

Review by Michael Sullivan


Michael Sullivan is a somewhat flightly writer who lives in Michigan. He is considered a true fanboy and really digs movie scores. He is married and is the owner of Derek Jeter,a 20 pound cat who thinks he is a panther. Thanks for reading.
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