CD Review – Suzy Bogguss “Sweet Danger” – Loyal Dutchess Records


Former country sweetheart Suzy Bogguss was on a serious role early in her career, hit singles, many different awards,including a CMA Horizon award for most promising artist. Then in the middle of the 90’s she decided to take a break to start a family. You would think such a idea would have country music’s blessing, right? Suzy was gone a mere 16 months, while she came back strong, her career didn’t. Two poor selling records found her without a label.

In 2001 Suzy went DIY and created her own label, Loyal Dutchess Records. Under LDR, Suzy released a critically acclaimed swing album and with “Sweet Danger”, she is heading into new country for her, jazz.
Does it work? Sadly, no. While wanting to be a jazz record and actually being one is two different animals.

This CD is straight folk music with very slight jazz leanings. While Suzy is a gifted vocalist, jazz is not a style she can sing. But folk? Holy crow, as a folk album, this is a slice of wonderful music. I look at this CD as a way for Suzy to help us discover her first true love which was folk before she went country.

This is a CD to admire as a once huge mainstream star bravely seeks to blaze her own way…on her own terms. But one piece of advice, next release….less covers, more roots.

Highly recommended

Review by Michael Sullivan

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