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Headliners with singer-songwriter Andy Mac

Welcome to another edition of”Headliners”. This series features some of the brightest artists,both known and unknown. This allows you to get to know some of the people behind the art!.

When picking and choosing the people to interview,I have no set pattern. I just scroll over my friends and wait until someone tickles my “I wonder what this person is like” mode and I send a invite. Some friends I have had for a while and some friends are brand new. Like I said,no pattern..I try and keep the interviews balanced and refreshing.

Andy Mac is a pretty talented singer based in NYC. I found myself bringing up his page and listening to his music while I surfed the ‘Net. The man has an incredible voice and its very soothing. Reading his bio and watching the videos he has on his page revealed a very special talent in the making. His music is making inroads in the public mainstream slowly but surely.

The young man can write a pretty good blog as well…and he has a nice tight group of good fans who ensure a lively give and take,you’ll find yourself listening to “She Falls Away” or watching a video of “The Right Place” and dropping a comment on his blog.

Andy has a very busy playing schedule and he tours all over the Northeast and Canada but those readers who live in NYC are the luckiest ones as Andy has quite a few gigs lined up in his current base of operations. The schedule is listed on his MS page,so take it from me,do yourself a huge favor and go check Andy out when he plays in your city!

1. Tell us about the defining moment that made you want to make music for a living.

Well, it wasn’t so much a moment as it was an event. My grandfather passed away in 1998. He was an amazing man and a talented one, too. I couldn’t help but wonder what he might have done with his music if he had had the chance. I realized that everyone in my family busted themselves to try and give me opportunities that they didn’t have. So, since they cared enough to give me the shot, I decided to take it.

2. You were part of a famous acapella group, The Buffalo Chips…how did that happen?

Well, I can’t say that the Chips are famous. :o) They were the acapella group at The University of Buffalo where I went to college. I auditioned, I got in. Sadly, there’s not much of an interesting answer here. Ha!

3. What does singing acapella consist of?

It consists of absolutely no instruments. It’s all voices and voices alone. It’s very challenging and very fun. And it’ll fine tune your singing quite a bit.

4. Your debut solo album, Music for a Bright Moon Sky, was licensed to MTV. What does that mean for you as an artist?

Well, any TV exposure is obviously beneficial. As an independent artist, I have to take what I can get as long as it’s not something I’m morally against. While it hasn’t been a HUGE difference, every little bit helps.

5. Act as a tour guide for your town…if we had 7-8 hours to kill before seeing you play, where would you take, show and feed us at?

Hmmm, well I live in NYC. 7-8 hours is not a lot of time here. There’s a million things to do as I’m sure everyone knows. But if I were the tour guide, I would take you to Strawberry Fields in Central Park and the Dakota where John Lennon was killed. I go there when I can to pay my respects. Then, I would take you to Gray’s Papaya for the “Recession Special” which is two hot dogs and a pop for $2.75. Nice. Then, a walk through Park Slope (my neighborhood) with a stop off at Chip Shop, an English fish and chips restaurant. Brilliant food. They deep fry candy bars. Nice.

6. What are 3 pros of playing solo and 3 pros of playing in a group.

Solo pros: There’s no one else to blame, easy travel, all the attention. :o)

Group pros: Amazing to sing three part harmony, much cooler vibe on stage, a priceless sound.

7. How does your creative process work in regards to songwriting?

That’s a long answer to a short question. I’ll try to condense it. I tend to write from inspiration as opposed to just “trying to write”. I normally hear a hook in my head, work it out, and then write a song around it. It can be piano, guitar, whatever. Hooks and choruses are what’s real to me. People may not always be able to sing every word to a song, but they SURE as hell know the hook.

8. What has been the most important media in advancing your career and why?

Hands down it would be the internet. The funny thing to me is that I was opposed to the internet when it first started becoming popular. It seemed a waste of time to me. Not anymore. :o) It’s the most important tool for a singer/songwriter (next to the music itself, of course).

9. How do you as a singer/artist keep a upbeat attitude in today’s world?

Ummmmmm, I don’t. I’m quite a sad bastard. That’s not a joke.

10. How has MySpace helped your career and how do you stay in contact with your massive fanbase?

MySpace has been priceless to me. Promotion, cd sales, new friends and fans, etc…it’s just amazing how much it’s helped my career. I do personally write back to anyone who writes to me. It may take me awhile, but I don’t leave random comments or messages. If you hear from me, it’s me.

You can find out more about Andy by going here:

By Michael Sullivan


Michael Sullivan is a somewhat flightly writer who lives in Michigan. He is considered a true fanboy and really digs movie scores. He is married and is the owner of Derek Jeter,a 20 pound cat who thinks he is a panther. Thanks for reading.
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