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Harry Gregson-Williams The Number 23 Review

HarFull Screenry Gregson-Williams “The Number 23” (New Line Records/Warner Bros.)

Nice change of pace for Harry Gregson-Williams who has scored the Shrek movies. The story of a man who after getting a book seemingly written with him in mind and centered around the number “23” really needs a dark,tight and taut score. And this Gregson-Williams has done very effectively. The Number 23 starts slowly with heavy creepy strings over a pulsing bass line. The cresendo increases with the addition of some cool guitar work,are you in a thriller or a old fashioned horror film?

The combination of both relaxed, soft soothing music yet sinister as reflected in “Fingerling’s Childhood” is a nice contrast with a more harder edged rock piece “Suicide Blonde”… really builds a nice suspense to the score and the film itself.

This is a very well done piece of work for Gregson-Williams and shows off his skill of being both inventive and different in a time where a lot of composers play it safe. Spooky and well recommended!

By Michael Sullivan

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