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Nick Nicholson Interview

Nick Nicholson was born ready for music with a father who had an interest in music. Performing first at the age of 12, this Gray Tennessee native began spreading his heart and warmth to others early. Joining the United States Air Force and eventually returning to music, Nick continues to inspire and bring joy to the hearts of his many fans.

Kale Slade: After serving in the United States Air Force, what was the first step you made towards your dreams?

Nick Nicholson: Just got in the first group I could as a drummer and started paying my dues in the Phoenix club scene, with eventually crossing over into a front man position in a couple Rock Bands. After a few years I started getting tired of the direction Rock was going and with help from some friends showing me guitar chords here and there, taught myself guitar and fell into my roots of Country Music. All the while getting to know other musicians and the music scene in the area and just kept beating it up until people started noticing. I got noticed by a songwriter outta Nashville with ties to Phoenix and started networking with her. I cut my 1st demo then continued to beat up the club scene selling it outta the back of my car to pay for Airline/production fees in Nashville. I ended up using her (Nashville Songwriter) mother as an investor for my 1st full length CD and released my 1st single to National radio a few years later. With all the networking I have met some tremendous folks and am ready to release my 2nd full length CD as an Indie artist while with the single “Stronger Than Whiskey” released in early 2010 I am finally finishing up 2 years after the project started…..time=money=struggle= Indie Artist…….. I am still in pursuit of my dream as we speak.

Kale Slade: What songs are most inspired by your life?

Nick Nicholson: “Can’t Get Here From There”, “I Never Thought”, “Fall In Love Again” are ones that fall close to me because I co-wrote these songs with David Norris Cj. Watson. We were able to just scratch the surface of what is making me tick and survive in this crazy business. I look forward to the next creative session to see what transpires…

Kale Slade: How often do your songs tear at your heart-strings while you perform?

Nick Nicholson: Shoot man, every time I look out at an audience and see that they get it…..They understand and feel it…..The true meaning of the story being told to them, and the motors turning in their heads relating to it in their own ways is the best feeling in the world….That’s why we do what we do.

Kale Slade: Has music always been your passion?

Nick Nicholson: Absolutely! For instance: (This is where I blab on) I married my ex-wife because of an unplanned pregnancy of my son and was gonna do the right thing…..Two years later getting married to HER was the wrong thing to do. I was still a father to my son whether with her or not.. I finally met the right lady and remarried again. I took hold of my responsibility and stood by my family until the kids were raised while at the same time pursuing my dream, working full-time, gigging every chance I got… So yeah I would say my passion for music is substantially high considering a lot of folks give up on the dream due to the stress of juggling a family and a potential shot in the dark….haha! I still have High hopes! haha!

Kale Slade: What is your most cherished way of interacting with your fans and audiences?

Nick Nicholson: Just what I had said before about the fans “Getting It” looking out and seeing folks singing the lyrics of your songs back to you is an unreal feeling and reminds you of how important your message can be to some people and then in return how special they are to you for ‘Getting It”.

Nick Nicholson is in a new documentary called Off The Boulevard: and Nick’s song Stronger Than Whiskey is now available on iTunes! You can listen to Nick’s music and get news updates at

Interview by Kale Slade

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