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CD Review – Jonathan Clay

I was greatly impressed with Jonathan Clay’s album. I thought it was like a blast from the past, so easy to listen to and sounded a lot like the old folk music to me on some of the songs. I greatly enjoyed the beat and tempo’s of the guitar made me feel alive inside and happy. I like music that makes you happy and is easy to understand without screaming at you.

I have listened to the CD numerous times and have started taking it with me when I drive since it is relaxing. I have just about got the feel of his music and it is so soothing I think his main goals of this CD were to relax the mind and take frustration out everyday life with his tunes.

So in my opinion the album was impressive there is only one thing I would change and that is to add a few more tracks :>) For a first time album, with him doing all the singing and playing the guitars, it is fabulous. I will recommend this album to everyone I talk to. I liked it that much. Keep up the good work Jonathan and the your fan’s will definitely follow your lead!

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– review by © Copyright Stephanie Donoway

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