CD Review – Abra Moore “On the Way” – Sarathan Records


Abra Moore “On the Way” ( Sarathan Records)

Abra Moore has had a very nice career, racking up Grammy nominations, having her music featured in various films and movies. She has toured and played with a Who’s who of adult alternative acts, she has had video hits on both VH-1 and MTV. Now she is back with a brand new album on Sarathan…and how is it?

This is an extremely mellow and very enjoyable CD…a long perfect lazy sunny cruise on a hot summer day. While no song jumps out and grab you, thats okay…a big single here would actually work against Moore here. Her vocals are soft and very sweet…while you can a bit of Shawn Colvin here, Moore’s vocals are far more womanly and the lack of a hard edge makes the songs all that more powerful, they stay in your heart long after the CD is done playing.

The music and production values are spot on as well…Mitch Watkins not only engineered this beauty but also supported Abra with guitar,bass and keys. The rest of the musicians are also superb…especially John Leon’s pedal steel on the haunting “Sugarite”.

This is a serious contender for my top 10 of the year….

Highly recommended!

By Michael Sullivan

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