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CD Review – Airiel Down – Vision – Autumn Rain Records

Hailing from the rich musical fields of North Carolina, Airiel Down is a weird mixture of a band…. it doesn’t really seem to know exactly where it wants to go… should we be Coldplay, a Bon Jovi or a happy, slappy college rock band. All three elements can be found on this CD… but that’s a problem because of trying to please a wide array of music tastes, it fails at them all. That’s a shame because you can really see yourself wanting to like this band.

Beaux Foy has a nice mellow voice and on the mid-tempo songs like “Quietly”, he really shines quite brightly. It’s on the more harder edged songs that he gets outmatched and his voice suffers. Plus to add insult to injury, the more upbeat songs are just boring music wise. Trying to be a metal or punk band and not having the skills to be either really does a diservice to Foy’s vocals.

This band has potential, it just needs to play within itself.

By Michael Sullivan


Michael Sullivan is a somewhat flightly writer who lives in Michigan. He is considered a true fanboy and really digs movie scores. He is married and is the owner of Derek Jeter,a 20 pound cat who thinks he is a panther. Thanks for reading.
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