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Rene Lopez – Paint the Moon Gold

Paint the Moon Gold is the latest album by the talented and stylish Rene Lopez. Taking advantage of the rich musical culture of NYC Rene collaborates with an incredible team of musicians to create an energizing album start to finish. Blending new songs with a few familiar tracks Rene brings the listener on a ride that spans a few decades.

“Purpose and Place” is a trip down memory lane as Rene reminisces on growing up around music. It is both empowering and encouraging to all creative folks who share the common bond of experiencing music and art in the very depths of our souls. Eating, breathing, dreaming, and living the passion of what truly moves you is more than a feeling it’s a calling. Rene shares his calling on this track and leaves no doubt that he was meant to create music. He flawlessly portrays that moment as a child when he discovered music and allows us to celebrate that discovery with him.

The music of “Just a Man” took me back to my childhood when my family would drive to Florida in the summer. Cruising the main strip of a beach town music would flood the streets as people enjoyed life. Music was a common bond that spanned generations, language, and culture. Everyone put aside their differences to enjoy a song and dance. Rene’s music resonates that same feeling of family and community. Lyrically Rene exposes truth in a way which, no matter the subject, entertains the audience.

“Take the Long Road” wraps its music and vocals around a core drumbeat which amplifies the song. Rene started playing drums as a child so much of his music has a unique blend of percussion. “Take the Long Road” is no exception. This is the perfect song to accompany a summer BBQ with friends and family.

Purchase your copy of Paint the Moon Gold at Rene’s official online store or on iTunes. It is the perfect album to lift your spirits and refocus your mood to enjoy the day. For that we owe Rene, along with his amazing musicians and vocalists, a great deal of gratitude.

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Check out the new video for “Here Comes Another Day” starring Rene and his children.
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