OST: “College” (Lakeshore Records)


 I never thought a record label could ever beat TVT Records in terms on putting out fun quirky scores/soundtracks but I have to admit,Lakeshore Records is doing a damn fine job at changing my mind.

  While I generally do not like soundtracks because of the same boring ass songs or because they feature a star who contributes a throwaway song that didn’t make the cut on a regular album,the soundtrack to “College” rises above both traps and features some fun cuts.

    The album starts out with “Penny on a Train Track” by ex-Radish frontman Ben Kweller and the very funny “Jailbait” by Supagroup.
 But my favorite cut was by long time House music master Zach Corbell who released “All Good” under the name Zeroleen.
  The rest of this CD features songs by stalwarts Mustard Plug and new blood Champion and Oklahomos.
   So remember,the movie may suck but sometimes it can produce some fun music to listen to.


You can pick this up at any major chain store or Best Buy.

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