6 Fun And Educational Interactive Online Entertainment Websites

Every now and then, I need to find something that will take my mind off stressful daily activities, so I look for stimulating or relaxing things to do online. I wanted to share a few of my recent findings with you as you may also enjoy taking a break from your regular daily tasks or want to take time to learn something new. Below are six websites I enjoyed checking out:

1) City Guesser – a geography-based browser game that strives to provide an exceptional travel and guessing experience. It is an interactive virtual travel experience, a guessing game you can play with family and friends. If you are a people watcher or like to visit different places in the world virtually, you’ll enjoy this website.

2) – a site offering over 200 free and fun online games which can quickly be played from a browser. I was immediately hooked when fooling around on this website. There are so many different games to play and challenge yourself. Simple, casual, and fun for yourself and your family and friends. There are many different categories. My favorite games are The Sorcerer and Tetra Blocks.

3) – hosting more than ten million chess games every day; this is a popular website with many influential online creators. In addition, it supports more than 50 world-class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create excellent content. My sons love playing chess, but I’m a complete newbie. Good thing there are players of all levels that you can match up with.

4) SoloLearn – an educational website with a community of people learning to code. With over 25 programming courses, you can choose from thousands of topics to learn how to code. I’ve learned to code through various resources before this one. However, I love how there is a community atmosphere here to help people learn.

5) Beat Box – create music with this online tool for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies. All song data is packaged into the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes. I had fun playing around with the online module, but you can also download an offline version.

6) Auto Draw – is a contemporary drawing tool that employs machine learning or artificial intelligence to transform rough, horrible sketches, scribbles, and doodles into innovative, conventional icons. It is entirely free to create anything visually, and it doesn’t require anything to download. I know I’ll be spending a lot more time here creating things.

If you feel the need to express yourself and create things like I sometimes do, the above websites can be a good place to start quickly and pop open anytime in the day to lift your mood.

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