Allesandra Designs Launches With Handloomed Luxury Boleros and Capelets

Welcome Allesandra Designs into the fashion and style world. Allesandra Designs presents a collection of gorgeous luxury couture boleros and capelets that are handloomed from exclusive Italian yarn.

You might be asking, what is a bolero or capelet? Glad you asked.. I’ll explain. A bolero is a kind of short jacket that doesn’t reach the waist that may or may not have sleeves. A capelet is like a mini cape; a sleeveless outer garment fastened at the throat and worn hanging over the shoulders. Both the bolero and capelet are wonderful to wear over bridal gowns and evening wear when you don’t want to cover up your beautiful dress!

Allesandra Designs was started by owner/designer Sandra Cox. As with the beginning of many ideas, her idea came from an event experience that sparked the idea of a needed item. Here is part of her story:

Ms. Cox realized her dream one cool summer evening a few years ago while attending a cousin’s wedding. It was at this outdoor summer event that the idea for Allesandra Designs came to her. She noticed the bride was wearing her new husband’s jacket draped over her shoulders to keep warm.
Needless to say, her beautiful white wedding gown was covered up with an oversized, black tuxedo jacket. Ms. Cox thought about the fact that for formal occasions, the attire for a man generally includes a shirt, vest and jacket. Women, on the other hand, will wear a formal dress or gown with no cover up so as not to take away from their gown. Or, they simply don’t know what to wear over the gown.

We do love it when a man is considerate enough to offer his lady his jacket though. But we don’t want him to get cold on a chilly night and we do want to show off our beautiful gown to the fullest while staying warm. So, consider these beautiful fur-like yarn dress covers that are embellished with dazzling Swarovski and high-quality rhinestone crystal buttons.

These boleros and capelets are high quality and range in price from $235-$299. Also keep in mind that these are made in the U.S.A. We love to support handmade items from our country too.

You’ll find Allesandra Designs online at, on Twitter at and on Facebook at

No matter where you connect with Sandra Cox’s new company, drop Sandra a comment and support her new venture by sharing with a friend. : )

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