Santa Clause 3 – The Escape Clause – DVD Review

What a nice family movie to have. If you already own one and two you will need to add this movie to your collection. It is well worth the money. Our family really enjoyed watching this movie.

Santa, Scott Calvin, realizes that his pregnant wife is lonely and needs to have her parents near her. The only problem with that is they do not know that he is Santa Clause. They just believe that he is a toy maker in Canada. He makes the North Pole look like Canada. He is not planning on Jack Frost causing problems for him and his family. Jack Frost uses the escape clause against Scott causing him to return to his normal life. What Scott sees of his life makes him appreciate the fact that he has so many blessings being Santa. When he returns to the North Pole he must make things right between his wife and in-laws, but his biggest problem will be if he can save Christmas. Jack Frost has frosted everything turning it into Frostmas at the North Pole.

Will Scott be able to save Christmas for the whole world? Will he be able to be with his wife when she delivers the baby? You will have to watch the movie to see what happens. So spend the evening celebrating the holidays with your family and enjoy a good holiday movie.

By Jennifer Martin

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