Lalo Schifin “The Dead Pool” (Aleph Records)


the-dead-poolIt’s been 21 years since Clint Eastwood’s most iconic character, Inspector Harry Callahan was last seen in 1988’s “The Dead Pool”.  The plot, in which a B movie horror producer played by Liam Neeson, comes up with a weird game called “The Dead Pool” where celebrities are given odds on who will die first.

When the game suddenly becomes real on Neeson’s latest film, Harry, whom we find is a “star” thanks to the local media, steps in, and sees just how deep the water really is in this deadly pool.

Lalo Schifrin, who composed the music for 4 of the 5 Dirty Harry films (he missed “The Enforcer due to his schedule), returns to send Harry out with a very cool and hip bang. He does this by using what has made Lalo’s scores so groundbreaking… he uses EVERYTHING yet does it with a minimal style.

Lalo gives the viewer enough suspense to keep you busy wondering whats going to happen next yet doesn’t overpower the scene. It’s a sign of a real artist to walk that line plus mix in some cool jazz riffs that Eastwood loves so much in his films. (Is it me, or has anyone had a hard time seeing Callahan digging jazz?).

Lalo recorded his score in an amazing two days in Burbank with a very talented orchestra, in fact “The Dead Pool” was shot, edited and released in 14 weeks!!

An added bonus is the very good liner notes written by Nick Redman.

You can pick up “The Dead Pool” at major music stores or on iTunes.

(written by Michael Sullivan)

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