Blossöm Records Releases Vritra’s Solo Album FEMME with 4-Part Music Video Series


FEMME by VritraVritra just released his new solo album FEMME on April 19, 2019, along with a four-part music video series exclusively through Blossöm Records. FEMME is an explanation of losing and finding yourself/one’s self; in love, in anger, in jealousy, in confidence, and in mourning. Vritra plays a character who finds himself in a cult at a ritual. The confusing and inducing eventually binds him with the group and he is lost, successfully escaping one situation, but trapped by another. The story is told with a set of four songs accompanied by four music videos for visual effect on the official Blossöm Records YouTube.

“The writing comes directly from the trama of the situation I was in at the time. I was in an open relationship that was failing, I lost myself and my direction. Femme is the process of me coping with that, and getting to the comfort level of completely being myself and Dealing with change head on. Most of it was recorded in my car. I think the peak of it is the track “Boyfriend” the production is very “ending credits-esque” and it’s brash and jarring, lyrically it unrelentingly addresses my relationship with this girl I dated for a few months and how I felt about the reality of what happened. I feel like you can hear those emotions in the track. Then “Real Death” is like, okay, this is it. ” – Vritra / Hal Williams on FEMME

“Visually, I knew I wanted to address community, loneliness, deception, and self-acceptance, and I knew I wanted it to take place in one location.” – Vritra / Hal Williams on FEMME

Part 1 is titled “Focus”

Part 2 is titled “Girl in Shorts”

Part 3 is titled “Feel Better”

Part 4 is titled “HODL”

Vritra’s solo album FEMME is available through Blossöm Records on Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal and more…

Hal Donell Williams, Jr., known by his stage name Vritra (fka “Pyramid Vritra”), is an American rapper and record producer from Los Angeles signed with Stone Throw Records. He’s known as the founding member of the LA hip hop collective Odd Future, Atlanta based hip hop collective Nobody Really Knows (NRK) and he’s half of The Jet Age of Tomorrow with Odd Future member Matt Martians.


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