Let’s sing, it’s Christmas

Ah, Christmas! That magical time of the year when everyone suddenly feels inspired to be good, to help others, when snow falls and we all turn into little kids once more.

It’s also the time when most artists feel like it’s their duty to release new singles. Some are good, some make you cringe in horror and wonder what possessed people into releasing that, but life isn’t always a box of chocolates so you move on.

Since everyone wants to top the charts around this time, a fierce competition occurs in most countries. Who’ll be number 1 in the US? How about the UK? Will it be one of the famous singers or someone that made their music less for profit and more for the people?

A few months back Alex Day (better known to bloggers and vloggers as Nerimon) has decided to take on the task of making a relatively unknown song number 1 in the UK for Christmas, despite there being fierce competition from other musicians, such as Justin Bieber, Cold Play or Rihanna.

I admit at first I thought it would be a pipe dream, despite secretly rooting for him. Someone should show the already commercial names what good music is about. Alex’s single, Forever Yours, currently at number 5 on iTunes charts (UK) tells a charming little story about friendship and loss. It’s Christmas so it does get a happy ending, don’t worry about that.

With a video that speaks to everyone’s inner geek – it contains superheroes, zombies and undying friendship – Forever Yours has managed something few believed it could achieve. It reached a place in charts all over the world: Australia, US, Sweden and more, touch the hearts of a lot of people who have decided for once they want to hear something other than cheesy Christmas songs that put a lot of money in the pockets of already overly rich artists.

I’m in no way claiming Alex isn’t making money out of this, but watching his video makes it really hard not to root for the guy. Slightly on the B movie side, with some cheesy special effects, but with a compelling story, the clip manages to do what most expensive videos have failed at – reach the masses who crave to have something normal and perhaps even devoid of the tackiness that permeates our current reality. Since all the money go to charity, let’s hope karma is on his side. There are several versions of the song floating around the internet, but neither loses the charm of the original.

The song is also available for use without the threat of a trial for those who wish to make fan videos, so there you go, another point goes to Alex.

I asked around and I snooped on twitter, see what people thought of the song and these are some twitter replies and trending topics replies regarding it:

Kate East ’Forever Yours is a catchy song with a strong moral. I thoroughly enjoy listening to all versions!’

@TheAllysaurus : ’’Alex’s idea face, Charlie killing zombies and a brilliant song. So much love. So much win. Deserves top 5 at least ’’

@CharliCharlsi @thatalexday is literally a god… Or would be if he wasn’t an atheist… Achieving something no one has before with #ForeverYours 🙂

With the voting ending tomorrow, it seems Alex has won a steady place at number 4, beating the veterans of Coldplay. They might make it even bigger, you never know.

Here’s the video of the song, take a look and if you’re in the UK feel free to lend a hand in making him number 1 and help World Vision, the charity Alex is supporting with his song. Watch the video below and get it on iTunes – CLICK HERE Top 10

Article by Cristina Daniela

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