Eminem – Heartfelt Video “Headlights”

Eminem, always in perfect time, released the video for his heartfelt and repentant song “Headlights” on Mother’s Day. The fifth single off of his album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013) is a touching apology, tribute and show of forgiveness to his estranged mother Debbie Mathers. This poignant olive branch is sure to melt and mend many broken hearts across the globe.

In the video we see a mother’s point of view longing for the affection, attention and love of her son. Photos of a young Eminem are woven throughout bringing his childhood pain that much closer to the surface. Eminem has never shied away from the struggles of growing up in a broken home, being bullied as a child, abandoned by his father, constantly moving and starting new schools, dealing with social workers, having to raise his younger brother, and his constant battles with Debbie. His resentment towards his mother is palpable with venomous lyrics scattered in songs throughout his career. With brutal honesty he has freely shown the wounds he and his brother suffered at the unfortunate hand of dysfunction. However, with a few years of sobriety it seems Eminem is ready to make amends. Not in the sense where all is forgotten and everyone lives happily ever after, but in a realistic way of an honest and genuine forgiveness. “Headlights” is the perfect conduit for Eminem to reach out to his mom to express that in spite of everything he went through she is still his mom.

Nate Ruess (fun.) wrote the beautiful foundation for “Headlights” and through some amazing creativity ended up collaborating with Eminem. Nate’s soulful vocals add a deeper layer to the song fully encompassing Eminem’s emotional and candid lyrics. It was meant to be. When Spike Lee stepped in to direct the video for “Headlights” it became obvious that we were all witnessing a milestone not only in Eminem’s music, but also in his life. He has mentioned that this is something he needed to get off of his chest and that there is nothing left to elaborate on. These four words say it all “Mom, I forgive you.”

To Eminem, Debbie, and everyone who is struggling with making amends may you always find peace in the process.

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