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Your Name In Lights (Audio Excellence)

From the land of enchantment comes YNIL, a pretty good band that is on the cusp of breaking large.

They are relentless road warriors, have sold over 1500 homemade packaged and recorded CDs and have played the Warped Tour the past two years and even won a Ernie Ball battle of the bands which included a 25k prize.

Now this EP didn’t overwhelm me, I found it solid and can see how the band has been compared to early Jane’s Addiction. But what you have to keep in mind is this is a band still growing into its musical feet.

Mario Rivera has fine mix of snotty punk vocals with a nice nod to modern rock, the band is rock solid chop wise, Walt Gill seems like he would be worth the price of admission to see live while Mike Pope and Doug Hearon are also top shelf players.

I thought the first single “Kill the Ghost” was pretty rippin’ and that tune will make the ol iPod!


By Michael Sullivan

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