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“The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles Book I: The Shadow of Tiamat” – A Review

The Shadow of Tiamat is a fantastic novel revolving around a war between feuding Dragons. It is a book of not merely love and heartfelt joy, but a tale of vile, fiendish villains and a strong, original hero. Filled to the brink with battle and courage, this is the first tale in a much larger vision from author Sean T. Poindexter.


The characters in the story are well fleshed out, given many human-relatable characteristics to where the audience can even feel the same emotions as a dragon. The two heroes of the story are Garrett Terago and Megan Crunk, two unique individuals thrust together after a near-tragic collision. A meeting filled with humor, romance and lust. The villains, as well are well crafted, with each being uniquely mapped out for the reader in an original and detailed fashion, but I’ll leave their descriptions out to leave you with some mystery.

PLOT: 10/10

Without ruining anything, this is a love story and a war novel. It is a great original piece of writing in a game-changing way as The Lord of the Rings was. Peaking my interest in reading and reigniting my joy for it after many years without being able to finish a book, this story is a grabber and it holds you until the end.

WRITING: 10/10

The mindset of the characters are well revealed to the reader and the writing is descriptive and informing. Beautifully written with great care and detail, Poindexter is a writer to look out for after this captivating and intriguing novel.

OVERALL: 10/10

The novel is filled with many elements for a mature audience to read. Those with a strong mind and grand humor will most enjoy this tale of war and love. The ultimate bests and worsts of our world. Be ready to eclipse your mind with many great dealings and emotions as you go on this grand adventure with Garrett and Megan as the story unfolds before your eyes and within your mind. The Shadow of Tiamat is the first in a grand scheme of novels and I can’t wait for the sequel.

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Review by Kale Slade

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