Friday, June 25, 2021
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    Michael Sullivan is a somewhat flightly writer who lives in Michigan. He is considered a true fanboy and really digs movie scores. He is married and is the owner of Derek Jeter,a 20 pound cat who thinks he is a panther. Thanks for reading.

    Headliners with Clean House’s Matt Iseman

    Welcome to another edition of "Headliners.....", an ongoing interview series here at Entertainment Vine. My wife and I watch cable TV. We enjoy watching HGTV...

    Headliners with DJ Chris Allen

    Welcome to another edition of "Headliners with......" an ongoing (I know,it HAS been a while since I posted one of these!!) interactive interviews...

    DVD Review – Wild Hogs – Touchstone/Disney

    Disney's "Wild Hogs" is out on DVD and for those who missed it when it was at the major movieplexes,this is your chance to...

    CD Review – Suzy Bogguss “Sweet Danger” – Loyal Dutchess Records

    Former country sweetheart Suzy Bogguss was on a serious role early in her career, hit singles, many different awards,including a CMA Horizon award for...

    CD Review – Turn to Fall “To the Fairest” – self-released

    Seattle's newest buzz band,Turn to Fall,has released a pretty sweet CD. After tearing up the local Seattle live scene,Turn to Fall decided to chill...

    CD Review – Melody Club “At Your Service”

    Melody Club is a very cool throwback to the 80's New Wave...great dance vibes, synths and very crisp vocals. But "At Your Service" may...

    CD Review (V/A) “No Reservations” – Decca Records

    First off, I really don't like soundtracks for the most parts. Too many of them feature extremely lazy work by so called music directors...