When The Fire Burns: Neon Artist Chris Bleicher to Exhibit in Brussels

IMG_9245Acclaimed neon artist Chris Bleicher is scheduled to exhibit her funky, colorful, and vibrant artwork with neon installations in Brussels, Belgium, at the art3f Art Fair. Her neon art will be presented at the booth of Gallery Gaudí, stand A, on November 24, 25, and 26. The artist is personally present.

IMG_9246“When the Fire Burns the Phoenix Raises From the Ashes” is one of the pieces that Chris will be presenting. A “Neon Picture Object,”” it was created using mixed media and includes red neon installation. Another one of her Neon Picture Objects titled “Hurricane” will also be on display. It includes orange neons and was created using mixed and collage techniques. Similarly, “Dream of Aviation” will also be exhibited and it too includes orange neon installation. A different style can be seen via “Sola 1” which is part of the “Waterproof Sunshine” series and was made using gold leaf.

Chris ads symbolism to add of her work. In “When the Fire Burns the Phoenix Raises From the Ashes,” the phoenix represents immortality and stands as a power animal for regeneration, essentially conveying that life is worth living! The best things come in threes phrase is contained within the imagery of “The Dream of Aviation” which depicts the history and development of flying from the cockatoo which happens to be the most intelligent bird.

Chris hopes that viewers will enjoy her neon art and encourages people to stop by the booth. To learn more, visit her official websites here, here, here and here.


Meagan Meehan

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author, poet, cartoonist and produced playwright. She pens columns for the Great South Bay Magazine, Examiner and AXS. She is also a stop motion animator and an award-winning abstract artist. Meagan holds a Bachelors in English Literature and a Masters of Communication. She is an animal advocate and a fledging toy and game designer.


  1. It is not Chris Bleicher’s art that seems to neon-shine the same way like this lady blossoms for the last 24 years I know her. For me it is the 73 years of age I now have, really feeling and looking like this way. And for Mrs. Bleicher – if ever coming back to Germany – I have to ask her how she does it to be energized an remain inspired for permanent new art creations, looking similar fantastic as seen on fotos I took so many years ago. Good luck, Chris!

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