Toy manufacturer ‘American Plastic Toys’ proudly produces toys in the United States


It is common knowledge that most items are made overseas. China has become the biggest producer of factory-produced goods in the world and this includes toys and games. However, “American Plastic Toys” is a company that has steadfastly remained in the United States. Based in Michigan for more than fifty years, the organization has created a range of plastic toys that promote classic role-play for open-ended imaginative play.

pp2bAmerican Plastic Toys has been in operation since 1962. Overseas labor is usually cheaper but by keeping the company in the USA the owners oversee every aspect of production from the tools to the manufacturing process down to the smallest components. This ensures that all their items are well-made and safe—which is vital noting that safety standards in foreign factories occasionally wanes. Having toys made in the United States also cuts down on transportation costs and provides Americans with jobs. American Plastic Toys makes a range of items—more than 150 in total— and they are busy all year round with a variety of seasonal products including their popular sand and shovel sets, kid-sized gardening tools, snow play products and classics such as kitchens, desks, vehicles and more for the holiday season. “We make virtually any kind of toy that can be manufactured via injecting molding,” said company president John W. Gessert.

“We are especially proud to offer our quality toys at an affordable price,” he said. “Our products are designed to provide consumers a cost-effective alternative to high priced name brand product offerings with essentially the same features.”

Each year American Plastic Toys introduces more new items to market. Most of their toys are developed in-house courtesy of their product development team. The big releases for the 2016 holiday season are the “Gigantic Trucks” and a “Beauty Salon” set that comes equipped with working lights. “Seeing smiles on children’s faces is the most rewarding part of working with this company,” said John W. Gessert. “The toy business is a fashion business at its core which means that trends come and go. This makes the toy business both exciting and a bit nerve racking. It’s always a good feeling when we successfully manage to enrich kid’s lives through play.” In the forthcoming years, American Plastic Toys hopes to expand into additional categories in addition to continuing onward with their toy tradition.

To learn more, visit the official website of American Plastic Toys.

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