Evollve Inc. releases Evo, a smart and social robot

Robots are fusing with toys at a rapid pace. From programmable toys like Dash & Dot to the constructible JIMU and Thames and Cosmos’s top-selling GeckoBot, technology-driven playthings are in high-demand as the holiday season approaches.

remote_control_ozobot_evo_with_phone_and_tablet-1f73a2f5bEvollve Inc. is a technology company that is dedicated to creating innovative and tech savvy playthings that amuse, educate and inspire future generations of programmers and inventors. Evollve Inc. achieved acclaim with the 2014 release of Ozobot. Ozobots are programmed to be able to follow lines drawn on paper and their interactive nature garnered them both awards and incredible popularity among children. In September of 2016, Evollve Inc. announced the release of a brand new robotic offering called Evo which is a first-of-its-kind smart and social robot. Intended for kids ages eight and up, Evo is equipped with continuous updated content and personalization elements to make it more useful to gamers and budding designers.

The primary purpose of Evo is to find a way to blend digital apps with social interaction and it also has educational components that have made it a popular fixture in many classrooms. Teachers have used it as a tool to teach STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Despite measuring one inch, the Evo is packed with technology that enables it to light up, make sounds and connect to tablets. It can respond to commands or behave autonomously. The toy also features OzoChat for Evo-2-Evo worldwide messaging, infrared sensing, color and mine detection and over fifty minutes of playtime between charges. Evo is both iOS and Android compatible and will arrive in stores in November.

home-1-2-c24ddfd3bFor years the individuals at Evollve Inc. strive to make some of the latest and greatest toys that technology allows with Ozobot 2.0 Bit and Evo leading the way as per innovation.

“Ozobot 2.0 Bit embodies the beginnings of coding and robotics made easy,” said Nader Hamda, the CEO and Founder of Ozobot. “Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or a child, Bit makes coding as fun and as challenging as you want through OzoCodes on paper or OzoBlockly which can work on a phone, computer or tablet. Ozobot Evo is enabling the bot to upgrade to make it smarter and more social.” Blending business disciplines with creative thinking was one of the most challenging aspects of designing these robots but the dedication and diligence has paid off via the positive responses from consumers. “After years of research, study and engineering, our vision has finally come to life,” explained Nader Hamda. “The world is digitizing by the minute and there is a continuous rise in computing jobs so it’s important to introduce a new and innovative way to play, learn and socially interact. I believe robotic toys will be the beginning of a brighter future and a way to empower young minds. We’re proud to be part of that.”

Visit the official website here.

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