FlipaZoo Introduces New Line of Toy Dolls Called ‘Flip Zee Girls’

Flip Zee Girls are cute plush dolls that “flip” over to reveal another doll. Hence, each doll comes with two characters. Each has a colorful palette and variously colored dresses, hair, and more. There are six dolls in the line–meaning twelve characters in total–and they all have unique personalities. The dolls are named Zoey Bear, Zara Flower, Zandy Candy, Zabrina Ballerina, Zana Strawberry and Zuri Cat.

Flip Zee GirlsThe Flip Zee line is the brainchild of Jay@Play is a Hong Kong-based toy company with a showroom in New York City. Their products are distributed internationally through companies that promote all of their brands on television which have made many of their releases household name products that can be found in most major retail stores. The “Flip Zee” line has proven to be especially popular and the release of the “Flip Zee Girls” is expected to lend the brand an even greater appeal among young girls.

The “Flip Zee Girl” dolls are soft, cuddly, and surprisingly detailed. “The process to design and develop this item was truly magical,” said Joe Sutton, the Managing Director of Jay@Play. “We had such fun naming the dolls, creating all the outfits, designing the unique packaging, and constructing how it flips!” Joe also noted that the dolls were base don the classic “topsy-turvy” dolls that were popular over one-hundred years ago, “Having a doll that transforms from one thing to another is always magical and that never goes out of style in toys.”

Flip Zee GirlsConsidering that the brand is called the “Flip Zee Girls,” the creative team at Jay@Play decided to give each doll a name that starts with the letter “Z”, a decision that lends a cute-appeal to the brand that has not escaped the notice of the little girls who collect the dolls. “We take great care and pay special attention to all the details and quality of our dolls,” Joe Sutton noted. “We wanted to make sure the outfits were super cute and fashionable, all while using different types of fabrics and printing. My personal favorite is Zoey Teddy Bear! I just love her outfit and plush hat. Series 2 of Flip Zee Girls will feature even more intricate fashion and outfits! We are excited since we want to create soft dolls that have the ability to transform seemingly by magic.”

To learn more, visit the Flip Zee Girls website and/or the official Jay@Play website. They can also be followed on Instagram and Facebook.

Meagan Meehan

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author, poet, cartoonist and produced playwright. She pens columns for the Great South Bay Magazine, Examiner and AXS. She is also a stop motion animator and an award-winning abstract artist. Meagan holds a Bachelors in English Literature and a Masters of Communication. She is an animal advocate and a fledging toy and game designer.
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