Horror Fiction Writing Classes Announced

Get YOUR Story Produced in Six Weeks!

Multi-published author Meagan J. Meehan has announced plans to lead her first writing class this March. Meagan is a novelist, poet, produced playwright, and journalist who is known to the YouTube horror community as the author of several short stories including “Jinnu,” “Summoner,” “Companions,” “Reflections,” “Revelation,” and more via the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights channel.

Holding a Bachelors degree in English Literature, a Masters degree in Communication, and currently working on a PhD in Educational Psychology, Meagan will be conducting a six-week long, entirely online, horror fiction class which will commence on Friday March 23 via the Wet-Ink creative writing website and run until Sunday May 6, 2018.

Every participant in the class can expect to complete a short story in the horror genre by the end of the six-week program. All stories will be eligible for consideration for adaptation into full-cast productions by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and narrated by the likes of Otis Jiry, Jason Hill, Evil Idol 2017 winner Jonathan West, Ashley Tolfo, and others.

Additionally, Meehan will then gather the short stories together and publish them in a paperback anthology collection which will be sold on Amazon, Barnes&, and elsewhere. The anthology will include original cover art and will be advertised via Chilling Entertainment and Meehan’s column on the Blasting News website, which has more than 40,000 readers. Anyone who takes part in the class will also receive one free copy of the anthology.

The full price of the six-week class—including the narrated story, anthology inclusion, and one free copy of the published book—is $275 per person. However, anyone who is a member of CTFDN will be charged a discounted price of $250. There is a limit of thirty-five people per class. If you are interested in signing up, email Meagan J. Meehan at Meagan (at) That’s M – E – A – G – A – N at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (dot) com. Meagan will be available to answer any questions anyone may have.

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