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  • Looney Labs: Interview with Andy and Kristin Looney

    Kristin and Andrew Looney love games…and science fiction. In fact, it was a science fiction story, written by Andrew in the 1980s, that kickstarted their first game, which turned into a company, which became their careers, livelihood, and passion. Looney Labs is famous for their colorful triangular “pyramid” playing pieces. Originally popularized through word-of-mouth, community […]

  • NYC’s Symphony Space hosts benefit concert with Children’s Album GRAMMY Nominees

    NYC’s Symphony Space hosts benefit concert with Children’s Album GRAMMY Nominees on Saturday, January 27 at 11 am: Chatting with Justin Roberts and other nominees New York’s Symphony Space is proud to be featuring this year’s GRAMMY Award nominees for Best Children’s Album. It’s the first time that an annual concert featuring the nominees will […]

  • The Birth of BB8: Interview with toy designer Thomas Tretter

    Spin Master is one of the leading companies in the toy and games industry due to their incredibly innovative and tech-savvy creations. Since their establishment in 1994, Spin Master has been developing some of the most cutting-edge toys and has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected producers of playthings in the toy […]

  • Jumping Jack Press Celebrates Ten Years : Interview With George White, President of ‘Up With Paper’

    Elaborate greeting cards are a popular trend that have made cards themselves akin to presents. Companies such as Paper Pops, Santoro, Second Nature, and Love Pops have all made a name for themselves by creating unique and detailed cards. Yet it is a company known as “Up With Paper” that is the original pop up […]

  • Illustration, art, and more: Interview with Cristian S. Aluas

    Cristian S. Aluas is a Romanian-born fine artist who currently resides between the United States and Canada. Cristian works in a variety of mediums including graphic design, illustration, sculpture, comics, and film. A producer, public speaker, and teacher, Cristian runs a series of successful online classes where he teaches artwork and even custom-makes classes depending […]

  • Interview with artist Jo-Ann M. Acey

    Jo-Ann M. Acey is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is representative of her quest for beauty and her responses to nature. Land, sea, and symbolism come alive in most of her paintings, drawings, and prints which document her memories and create magical places out of personal events. Jo-Ann uses a variety of mediums including watercolors, […]

  • Interview with author Mary Simses

    Mary Simses is a novelist who grew up in Darien, Connecticut, and spent most of her life in New England. She has worked in magazine publishing and has experience as a corporate attorney. During her career, Mary wrote fiction in the spare time and many of her short stories were published in literary magazines. She […]