FlipaZoo releases line of Valentine’s Day inspired plush characters

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many companies are getting into the spirit of love and affection via releasing packaging with red and pink décor, cute figurines, and plush toys. FlipazooFlipaZoo is one line of stuffed toys that are embracing February 14th with a new series of characters. Essentially two-characters-in-one-toy, the “FlipaZoo” line was created by Jay@Play and has been popular among children for years. The series latest line was specifically designed with Valentine’s Day in mind since it is an occasion where parents frequently present gifts such as candy and stuffed toys to their children.

The four brand-new characters—which actually translate to eight characters—in the FlipaZoo Valentine’s Day line are color-coded to match the décor associated with Valentine’s Day. The models include a red bear that morphs into a green alligator with heart-spots, a pink elephant that “flips” into a fuzzy lion, a ladybug that turns into a pink and purple unicorn and a pink dog that becomes a white cat. “We love transforming plush and we’re always brainstorming the next big idea,” claimed Kristin Aydin, the Brand Director at Jay @ Play. “Right now, we have over six different series of FlipaZoo plush toys and each series typically has six styles so there are dozens of versions on the market right now. We also have little ‘FlipZees’ which are 16-inches in size and then big ‘jumbo’ sizes. We may have other holiday styles in the making, but we don’t want to give away all our secrets!”

While there are dozens of collections of Valentine’s Day themed stuffed toys on the market, FlipaZoo is unique due to its topsy-turvy, two-in-one, effect. The cleverly named characters—such as “Amore Love Bug,” “Candie Kitten,” “Smoochie Pup,” and “Lovely Lion”—also help to instill the feeling of gentle whimsicalness that is appropriate for a holiday that celebrates all things kind and sweet. It seems as if 2017 will be a busy year for the FlipaZoo series. In April, the line will introduce their first plastic collectibles line which will be released just in time for Easter and feature more than one-hundred styles. “We are pumped to see how consumers take to it,” Kristin Aydin declared. “The best part about our collectibles line is that they flip from one character to another and it’s so easy to do. It’s cool to see how the ‘flip’ element translates well in both plush and plastic.”

To learn more, visit the official FlipaZoo website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Meagan Meehan

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author, poet, cartoonist and produced playwright. She pens columns for the Great South Bay Magazine, Examiner and AXS. She is also a stop motion animator and an award-winning abstract artist. Meagan holds a Bachelors in English Literature and a Masters of Communication. She is an animal advocate and a fledging toy and game designer.
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