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Headliners with Clean House’s Matt Iseman

Welcome to another edition of “Headliners…..”, an ongoing interview series here at Entertainment Vine.

My wife and I watch cable TV. We enjoy watching HGTV quite a bit and we also really like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The idea of watching a show of people helping others just for the sake of helping kind of renews your faith in your fellow man/woman.

One day my wife called in me to watch a show on the Style Network called “Clean House”. I sat down and within minutes started cracking up..the show’s premise,to help hapless people living in the LA in totally messy houses,to clean up and let go of all the crap they hang on to.The crew,headed by the great Neicy Nash and her team of main designer Mark Brunetz,yard sale diva,Trish Suhr and the Go To Guy,Matt Iseman,work very hard on a VERY tiny budget to change these people’s lives for the better. While Trish and Matt are relative newcomers,the show has been on since 2004. Some people are grateful for thier help while others (those looney people in New Jersey and the most ugly hearted Toni Dragon) seem to see the show as “come out and clean my house show”.
What makes ‘Clean House” so great is both the humor and the warmth of the crew. Despite having backgrounds in stand comedy,acting and designing multi-million dollar homes, the “Clean House” crew does care about every family they try and help. Its a asskicking show!

So when I saw Matt Iseman had a MySpace page,his own website is a bit dated,I decided to ask for a interview and pick his brain abouyt the show and his career. I wasn’t so much amazed by his comedy,he is a very funny guy on the show,but by the fact he was going to become a doctor! You can tell by watching Matt on the show,he loves kids,he always is the one interacting with them,they seem to trust him and Neicy the most.
I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I had fun putting it together….

And now….sit back and check out “Headliners with……Clean House’s GoToGuy,Matt Iseman!
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What was growing up in the Iseman house like?

Totally awesome. Lots of sports, both real and of the video game variety. and my room was kickass. If you don’t believe me, make a pilgrimage to Denver, Colorado to see for yourself because it the time capsule is still intact, unchanged since I graduated High School in 1989. But I think the reason I ended up in comedy is my mom. She was and is my biggest fan and by always laughing at all the wacky things I did, I think she turned me into the laugh hungry person that takes the stage today.

2. You went to medical school,how did you go from medicine to comedy?

A Lawsuit. No, I just realized that my heart wasn’t in medicine and I didn’t want to be a half-assed doctor, so I figured I’d try something I really loved and that was being the center of attention. Worked out well so far.

3. Define “comedy” according to Matt Iseman.

See my CD. Whatever makes you laugh, qualifies. Check out Brian Regan to see the man who made me want to be a comedian in the first place. And watch Will Ferrell to see who consistently makes me laugh every second that he’s on screen.

4. How did you get the co-hosting part on “Clean House”?

Really kind of a fluke, they brought me in on 2 days notice to fill in and then, like Lou Gehrig, I just didn’t leave. That was 30 episodes. Not sure I’ll make 2,100 but the streak is still going for now.

5. What percent of the actual work does the main crew do?

It really varies based on the episode and the amount of work we have to get done. The reality is we’re filming a show where we make over a house in just a few days. So we have a crew that helps us get it done on time, mostly it’s just extra hands but… sometimes… under our expert direction… they’ll help out by picking up a hammer. Or a staple gun.

6. Despite knowing the premise of the show,are people that unwilling to part with thier foolishness and mayhem?

YES. It never fails to amaze me… THEY called us and yet they forget we’re not a maid service. We’re helping you get rid of the clutter and make sure it doesn’t come back. Still, it makes it interesting when you offer a brand new bedroom set to someone if they’ll give up heir ratty old teddy bear and they fight you tooth and nail. That’s the heart of the show.

7. What has been your favorite family to work with and why?

Hmmm…. tough to pick just one. I’d have to say it isn’t the Lorias.(That was the crazy ass people who won the Messiest House in America contest-Ed) Haha. I really liked the Sheffies because, being with them for a week, you really got to see they were a close family who wanted to live right and just needed our help. They were fun and funny and Stacie (an amateur handywoman) had created a ton of work for me with her unfinished projects. And they LOVED the finished product.

8. How long have you been doing stand-up comedy?

About 8 years now.

You did a USO Tour overseas to Afghanistan, what’s your position as an American on the war?

As a comedian and the host of a home makeover show, I know that if people care about my position on the war they need to read a newspaper. Suffice it to say, I support the troops and take every change I get to go overseas to perform for them. They are the best crowds for whom I’ve ever performed and the most appreciative.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still cleaning houses. Or starring in my own sitcom. Or maybe on my couch watching tapes or what I was doing today.

11. Which of your friends/fans will comment first on this interview?

My Mom. Or my stalker.

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