New Norman Reedus Rock ‘N’ Reedus Special Edition Signed Print at Big Bald Gallery

Norman ReedusBig Bald Gallery by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) announced the new Rock ‘N’ Reedus Special Edition Signed Print!

Iconic rock photographer Mick Rock and multi-disciplinary artist Norman Reedus team up for a limited edition signed print available exclusively on Big Bald Gallery.

Curated from Mick Rock’s iconic photo session of Norman Reedus in Brooklyn, this unique photograph is an homage to one of Norman’s all-time favorite films, Midnight Cowboy.

Friends for many years, Mick Rock and Norman Reedus not only have a great personal relationship but also a deep appreciation for each other’s powerful creative talents. Mick: “Norman a great actor, but he’s also a man with a beautiful soul. Just seeing him warms my heart!” Norman: “Mick’s the real thing. He is rock & roll.”

Their powerful creative talents finally came together with a dynamic and timeless photo session in Brooklyn which produced a series of memorable images. Channeling Mick’s iconic ‘Madcap Laughs’ photos of Syd Barrett in Earls Court, London in 1969, with echoes of ‘Midnight Cowboy’s’ New York City grit, their intimate empathy is vividly reflected in Mick’s photos, which they both love.

The co-signed image is available exclusively on Big Bald Gallery here.

Find more about Norman Reedus at Big Bald Head .

Norman Reedus
Photo credit for top photo is Mick Rock.
Norman signing is photo credit Laurie Dolphin.

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