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  • IMG_9284b

    Paintings & Splatter Patterns: Interview With Artist Socrates Marquez

    Socrates Marquez is a Dominican born, self-taught and artist who was presented with a ArtExpo New York SOLO award. Socrates is known for his use of bold string-mop markings combined with images and his signature paint-splatter technique allow him to create pieces of art that are vibrant and stimulating, pulling the viewers in and inviting […]

  • Artavita - World Wide Art

    Promoting Art and Inspiring Creativity: An Interview with Thomas Tunberg of Artavita/World Wide Art

    World Wide Art Promotion is a proudly multi-faceted art-focused organization that is dedicated to promoting the work of noteworthy artists from all over the world, working in every genre and medium. The organization is the brainchild of Thomas Tunberg and his wife, Despina Tunberg. Thomas has many years of experience running galleries in the United […]

  • Charminis

    Interview with designer Niall Westerfield, designer of ‘CharMinis’ jewelry

    Embracing the recent “maker” trend that promotes creative DIY projects, RoseArt recently announced the launch of their newest creative line “CharMinis” which will be releasing a “Deluxe Jewelry Studio” in the Fall of 2017. Geared towardgirls between 8 and 10 years old, the jewelry studio set will encourage users to make and share charms that […]

  • Untitled-12

    Artist Louise van Vliet launches ‘CHOICE.EXPERT’ website

    Louise van Vliet is an abstract artist who recently launched a website called ‘CHOICE.EXPERT’. The website enables subscribers to keep up with Louise’s projects and to play the EST – Emotional Spectrum Test game. This game gives players the chance to discover how they use their color choice to interpret their emotions via an interactive […]

  • Susan Eley

    Interview with Susan Eley, the founder of Susan Eley Fine Art

    Susan Eley Fine Art is a salon-style gallery located in the Upper West Side of New York City. Dedicated to contemporary artwork, the gallery prides itself on hosting literary and poetry salons and panel discussions as well as constantly showing new and interesting fine art. The gallery was founded by its namesake in 2006 and […]

  • Jo-Ann Acey

    Interview with artist Jo-Ann M. Acey

    Jo-Ann M. Acey is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is representative of her quest for beauty and her responses to nature. Land, sea, and symbolism come alive in most of her paintings, drawings, and prints which document her memories and create magical places out of personal events. Jo-Ann uses a variety of mediums including watercolors, […]

  • Underwater art

    Interview with Jason deCaires Taylor, underwater sculptor and creator of ‘Museo Atlantico’

    Jason deCaires Taylor is an artist with a very unique style and mission—he creates sculptures that are intended to be placed underwater to help foster the growth of coral reefs which benefit the ecosystem. In early 2017, the final phase of his monumental sculptural project known as ‘Museo Atlantico’ was completed and inaugurated by Pedro […]