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  • Rene Lopez – Paint the Moon Gold

    Paint the Moon Gold is the latest album by the talented and stylish Rene Lopez. Taking advantage of the rich musical culture of NYC Rene collaborates with an incredible team of musicians to create an energizing album start to finish. Blending new songs with a few familiar tracks Rene brings the listener on a ride […]

  • Rene Lopez – Let’s Be Strangers Again

    Let’s Be Strangers Again is the latest EP by Rene Lopez. Bringing the various flavors of New York to life through sound Rene once again finds balance in his signature blend of genres. With roots planted deeply in traditional salsa music Rene carries on the family tradition of entertaining with both passion and flair. Best […]

  • Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars – Sparkle and Shine

    Sparkle and Shine, the latest album by Jonny Kaplan and The Lazy Stars, transported me back to my childhood where I would spend hours camped out in the den rummaging through my siblings’ vinyls. Who says a five year old can’t appreciate CCR and Three Dog Night? My love for music began in those records. […]

  • Cata9tales – Hello Maybe Everything

    In order to keep up with Cata9tales‘ lyricist Berkley Priest one would have to spend hours on end practicing. How he is able to rhyme that fast and still make sense of the words is a mystery. Bringing poetry to life though Kreator’s music and beats, Berkley unveils his dream project Hello Maybe Everything. This […]

  • “Jesse Macht – Love is Another Drug” – Album Review

    Jesse Macht is an up-and-coming musician based in Los Angeles, California, who has formed Jesse Macht Music with Brian Bachman, Aaron Hubbard, Christopher Allis and Nick Amoroso. I found myself upon his page tonight and have discovered a fresh and gentle new breed of music. The tracks all equally solid in writing and artistic sense […]

  • “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Score – Review

    Returning to conduct the beautiful score of the fourth film in the epic Pirates of the Caribbean series is Hans Zimmer. Hans returns with amazing and original sound to better accent the series’ already vivid and alluring sound, but he is not alone. With him, is the sound of Rodrigo y Gabriela, bringing the feel […]

  • OST: “The Limits of Control” (Lakeshore Records)

    OST: “The Limits of Control” (Lakeshore Records)

      Real quirky soundtrack to a little seen film by acclaimed director Jim Jarmusch. On the liner notes,Jarmusch writes the score hides clues to the movie itself. That said,part of a good mystery is actually letting the reader/viewer/watcher SEE the clue provided.   As for this soundtrack,its mix of tribal,Latin and worldbeat wants to be […]