OTVST: “Cold Case” Michael A. Levine (CBS/Lakeshore Records)


cold-caseFirst off, I have to admit… I am a latecomer to “Cold Case”, series set in Philadelphia about a crack team of detectives who solve cold cases. A cold case is an unsolved case, one where the clues, tips, and leads have all panned out w/no hope of capturing the person who committed the crime.

The series follows these cops, especially Lily Rush, as they do their best to go back years to serve justice and give closure to those left behind.

The music in the series is stone cold brilliant, weaving pop songs along with music from the year the crime has happened. This being a Jerry Bruckheimer produced series, all the music is done by the original artists.

But, what about the score? The pieces of music that help move the story along. Well lucky for us lovers of score music, TV scores are on an up rise and this is a wonderful example of what happens when it’s done right. Michael Levine’s score for “Cold Case” is extraordinary in its depth and richness yet retaining a bit of a modern edge to it.

What I find amazing in this score is that it was composed and played by three artists, including Levine. It rivals any major Hollywood film in its depth and pacing.

Now while I also admit I don’t really care for soundtracks, I think a case could be made for a Cold Case sound track as well and it would be a real treat to all us Cold Case fans!

(written by Michael Sullivan)

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