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    Interview with photographer Nikos Mourkogiannis

    Nikos Mourkogiannis is a photographer who graduated from the European Institute of Design (IED) and works as a creative advertiser as well as a filmmaker and commercial producer. Nikos was born in Athens, Greece, and had an interest in artistic photography from the time he was very young. His work—which includes a range of topics […]

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    Journey into Animation – Interview with Steve Sievers

    If you are a fan of cartoons then you have probably already seen a few episodes of the international animated hit Supa Pirate Booty Hunt (you can watch the entire series on the official SPBH website Steve Sievers, creator and voice of Daniel the Turtle, talks to us about cartoons, being a guest panelist […]

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    Interview Lee Charles

    By Paul Reeves Lee Charles is a fulltime professional martial arts instructor, personal trainer, well being coach, stuntman and actor. He is also a multi title holding Kickboxing, Karate and Shan Shou Champion. Lee has fought for his country several times and is a former World Silver Medallist. Currently Lee is an Inter-nation student of […]

  • Headliners with actress Jamie McCall

    Headliners with actress Jamie McCall

    By Michael Sullivan Welcome to another edition of “Headliners”. This is EV’s interview series with various people involved in the Entertainment business. While some names might not ring a bell…we here in the EV offices think in the not far future,they’ll be indeed household names. Just recently I interviewed Matt Iseman,who is a stand -up […]

  • Headliners with Clean House’s Matt Iseman

    Headliners with Clean House’s Matt Iseman

    By Michael Sullivan Welcome to another edition of “Headliners…..”, an ongoing interview series here at Entertainment Vine. My wife and I watch cable TV. We enjoy watching HGTV quite a bit and we also really like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The idea of watching a show of people helping others just for the sake of […]

  • Headliners with DJ Chris Allen

    Headliners with DJ Chris Allen

    By Michael Sullivan Welcome to another edition of “Headliners with……” an ongoing (I know,it HAS been a while since I posted one of these!!) interactive interviews series with the various superstars you may know or perhaps will come to discover. DJ Chris Allen is a true multi-talent….cutting edge DJ who spins at College Station,Texas at […]

  • Zara Phythian Interview

    Zara Phythian Interview

    Rob: Hello Zara, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Zara: More than a pleasure. Now stop creeping and ask me the questions ha-ha Rob: You are a remarkable 13 times World Martial Arts Champion. Could you let us have details of what started you into this field, together with your disciplines? […]