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  • Harlem Stage presents Repertorio Español’s “El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba”

    Based on Gabriel García Márquez’s famed novel “El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba/No one writes to the Colonel,” Harlem Stage will soon conduct two free performances of the story which covers a few months in the life of a colonel whose pension, delayed 15 years by an overwhelming bureaucracy, becomes an obsession. Reduced to poverty despite his […]

  • Horror Fiction Writing Classes Announced

    Get YOUR Story Produced in Six Weeks! Multi-published author Meagan J. Meehan has announced plans to lead her first writing class this March. Meagan is a novelist, poet, produced playwright, and journalist who is known to the YouTube horror community as the author of several short stories including “Jinnu,” “Summoner,” “Companions,” “Reflections,” “Revelation,” and more […]

  • ‘Strictly Briks’: Interview with Founder, CEO, and Toy Designer Brian Semling

    “Brik Buster” is a new release by a line of colorful and multi-shaped building toys called Strictly Briks that comes with a toy hammer so–as soon as something gets built–kids can have fun knocking it down. The stackable pieces help children sharpen both their creative and engineering skills. The family-owned company is currently making a […]

  • “Dr. Panda Town” Updates for the New Year

    “Dr. Panda Town” is a virtual free-style game that is part of the incredibly popular “Dr. Panda” franchise that is aimed at children between the ages of five and eight. “Dr. Panda Town” is one of the company’s most popular releases which debuted in 2017. However, in honor of the new year, the app got […]

  • New York’s Rio II Gallery announces exhibition and accompanying play titled ‘Transformations’

    From April 7 to April 29, 2017, artist Dorothy Krakauer will be displaying artwork via a solo show at RIO II Gallery in New York City which is part of the Broadway Housing Communities program. The show, titled “Transformations” will be Dorothy’s second solo show at the venue. Her first—“Trees & Leaves”—was displayed in September […]

  • No Translation Needed with Michael Lombardi

    Michael Lombardi got his start in television and film fourteen years ago, however his first love was music. Being introduced to music at a young age, and growing up in a family of musicians, one could say he was always destined for the stage. We caught up with Michael as he prepares for his first […]

  • Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars – Sparkle and Shine

    Sparkle and Shine, the latest album by Jonny Kaplan and The Lazy Stars, transported me back to my childhood where I would spend hours camped out in the den rummaging through my siblings’ vinyls. Who says a five year old can’t appreciate CCR and Three Dog Night? My love for music began in those records. […]