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  • Barleyfields Records Makes Debut With “After All”

    On Leap Day, FEBRUARY 29th, 2012 Barley Station Takes a Leap And Makes Debut With Genre Blending and Defying Album “AFTER ALL” on FEBRUARY, 29, 2012 The St Louis, MO based musical group Barley Station is proud to announce the release of their first album, “After All,” under their new label: Barleyfields Records. The album […]

  • Cata9Tales – New Single from Upcoming Album

    Cata9Tales debuted their new single “Open Letter to Generation Adderall” off of their much anticipated sophomore album A Chameleon’s Dream which is slated to be released in early March. If the single is any indication of what we can expect from their new album, fans may be surprised to find a more edgy and hardcore sound. […]

  • Let’s sing, it’s Christmas

    Ah, Christmas! That magical time of the year when everyone suddenly feels inspired to be good, to help others, when snow falls and we all turn into little kids once more. It’s also the time when most artists feel like it’s their duty to release new singles. Some are good, some make you cringe in […]

  • Prince Charming Music Video By Christylez

    Every now and then when I have time to play and look through my messages, I come across some good things. This week I came across a song that caught my attention. Keep in mind that I like all types of music… well, almost all types of music… forget about mega hard core screamo or […]

  • Clifton Collins Jr. Directed New Music Video For Counting Crows

    Actor Clifton Collins Jr. has quite an extensive film career. He also has another love, and that is music. He has directed several music videos for some amazingly talented people which include: The Soul of John Black, Zac Brown Band (including the CMT Award Winning “Chicken Fried” Breakthrough Video of the Year ), Jamey Johnson, […]

  • Nick Nicholson Interview

    Nick Nicholson was born ready for music with a father who had an interest in music. Performing first at the age of 12, this Gray Tennessee native began spreading his heart and warmth to others early. Joining the United States Air Force and eventually returning to music, Nick continues to inspire and bring joy to […]

  • Lady Gaga’ “Judas” (Norman Reedus) Nominated for MTV Video Music Awards

    Actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) appears as “Judas” in Lady Gaga’s music video JUDAS. I remember well how this music video hit the internet world. Gaga and Norman Reedus fans alike were waiting for any news about its release. It was originally slated to be shown on Easter weekend, and then moved up again […]