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  • Interview With Musical Duo SmithField

    Smithfield is a musical duo from Texas formed in 2011 by vocalists and life-long friends Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith. The duo, now based in Nashville, Tennessee, is working on producing their unique country music that has a distinctive rock edge. Smithfield recently granted a joint exclusive interview, where they discussed their career, current projects, […]

  • Interview with singer and equestrian professional Liz Anne Hill

    Liz Anne Hill is a country singer from California released her latest single, “The Fish Ain’t Bitin’” in late June of 2017. Liz Anne has toured the nation playing packed concerts, sharing her incredible vocal talents with audiences. Moreover, she is also an equestrian rider who specializes in jumping. Liz Anne recently made the full-time […]

  • Interview with Singer and Mental Health Advocate Daphne Willis

    Pop singer Daphne Willis is a rising star in the music industry with a mission to raise awareness about mental health issues. Daphne’s latest song is titled “Somebody’s Someone” and its lyrics convey that everyone matters to someone–a message that is especially powerful when directed towards people struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Daphne has […]

  • Interview with Glam Rocker Ricky Rebel

    Ricky Rebel is an established singer who was the lead vocalist of Michael Jackson’s boyband called “No Authority” in the 1990’s. Ricky toured with Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears, and is now a glam rocker. On Saturday, March 18, he will debut his new single, “If You Were My Baby” at the South […]

  • Interview with Santander Spark

    Santander Spark consists of three young sisters who sing together with beautiful voices. They released their first album over the Christmas holiday and are performing at events in Florida. Below is an interview with Santander Spark along with a video below featuring one of the songs from their Christmas album: Wendy Shepherd of Entertainment Vine: […]

  • Interview with Rainchild

    Rainchild is fast becoming rock’s favorite band from the South. Hailing from the Lone Star state they have found an international audience as radio stations across the globe spin the fan favorite hit “Watershed”. Connecting with their audience through all aspects of social media the guys have embraced the new industry standard of being renaissance men. Sponsored by […]

  • Gold Blend with Tanya O’Callaghan

    Tanya O’Callaghan was raised with the incredible opportunity of seeing all aspects of the music industry by learning from her father, a promoter. Growing up in the beautiful town of Mullingar, Ireland Tanya began her music career as a teenager when she first picked up a bass, and has been playing non-stop ever since. Known […]