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  • Enter The World of Melodic Rock: Interview with radio host Rachel Logan

    Rachel Logan is a radio host with a passion for 1980’s rock music; especially Hair Metal and the newer Melodic Rock. This passion is what brought the creation and production of her rock radio project, “Rachel’s Rock Refuge,” into fruition. Hailing from Rockville, MD (coincidence?) and thriving in her former home of Atlanta, Georgia, Rachel’s […]

  • Music, Kids, and Fun: Interview with Adam Marshall of The Bazillions

    “Q & U,” “Similes and Metaphors,” and“Prefix or Suffix?”–these are just a few of the fun, catchy, and underlyingly educational songs by a family-friendly band known as The Bazillions. At the heart of this highly acclaimed Twin Cities based band are husband and wife team Adam and Kristin Marshall. Known for their soothing melodies and […]

  • Multitalented Musician: Interview with Alastair Moock

    Alastair Moock is a singer, songwriter, and “Boston Music Awards” nominated musical artist who is known for his lovely and beloved performers at school assemblies, concert halls, and other venues. His music is geared towards children but had proven popular with adults too and he was once even nominated for a Grammy for his album […]

  • NYC’s Symphony Space hosts benefit concert with Children’s Album GRAMMY Nominees

    NYC’s Symphony Space hosts benefit concert with Children’s Album GRAMMY Nominees on Saturday, January 27 at 11 am: Chatting with Justin Roberts and other nominees New York’s Symphony Space is proud to be featuring this year’s GRAMMY Award nominees for Best Children’s Album. It’s the first time that an annual concert featuring the nominees will […]

  • Interview with singer and songwriter Fay Gauthier

    Fay Gauthier is a singer and songwriter who is enjoying the hype surrounding her new singles titled “Be What You Are” and “Living in a Daydream.” Fay, a natural redhead, just released a full-length album called “Firehead” which was largely inspired by her life experiences. A musician known for her quirky and upbeat pop-meets-jazz melodies, […]

  • Digital Media Company Sweety High announced partnership with’s live-streaming platform

    Sweety High is a digital media company that is best known for their focus on media aimed at “Gen Z Girls” that covers topics such as music, beauty, fashion, DIY, sports, and arts and entertainment. In February of 2017, they announced their collaboration with to bring the series to the live-stream platform known as […]

  • Interview with musical artist Ivan Markovsky

    Ivan Markovsky is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, composer, and producer who is part of a duo band called “GAINSAY.” The band’s latest single is titled “Asphalt Mirrors” is currently available on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify where Gainsay has amassed thousands of listeners all over the United States and the United Kingdom. Ivan Markovsky initially worked […]