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  • Looney Labs: Interview with Andy and Kristin Looney

    Kristin and Andrew Looney love games…and science fiction. In fact, it was a science fiction story, written by Andrew in the 1980s, that kickstarted their first game, which turned into a company, which became their careers, livelihood, and passion. Looney Labs is famous for their colorful triangular “pyramid” playing pieces. Originally popularized through word-of-mouth, community […]

  • Interview with inventor and programmer Ben Cole, co-founder of ‘Mashup Machine’

    Technology is getting smarter, largely due to innovations in systems such as augmented reality, data gathering, and chat bots. A startup company known as MashUp Machine is now creating a platform that enables a creative system to get “smarter” by interacting with users. Namely, MashUp Machine was founded to see if an artificially intelligent computer […]

  • All About Asmodee, Creators of “Spot It! Duel” App Game

    “Spot It! Duel” is the newest game in the “Spot It” franchise that was released for iOS and Android in late June of 2017. The symbol-matching gameplay is fast-paced and appropriate for all ages. The game is the newest addition–and the first digital offering–to the “Spot It” series which has been entertaining people since 2009. […]

  • Interview with game designer Marsha Jean Falco

    Marsha Jean Falco is a game designer and the Founder of Set Enterprises, Inc., a company dedicated to producing card games that are fun for people of all ages. Marsha holds an M.S. in Population Genetics from Michigan State University and a B.S. in Animal Science from Arizona State University and she invented her very […]

  • Interview with game designer Chris Leder of Calliope Games

    Founded in September of 2009, Calliope Games is a family-run company that is dedicated to publishing fun, affordable, quality tabletop games. Established by toy/game industry veterans Jordan Weisman, Dawne Weisman, and Ray Wehrs with the support of Kristine Steinke and longtime family friend Jay Barnett, the company is most interested in games that can be […]