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  • ‘Drink, Slay, Love’: Author Sarah Beth Durst discusses her book-turned-movie

    Sarah Beth Durst is an award-winning fiction author who is best known for her novels and her delightful and gorgeously illustrated children’s picture book. Yet Sarah’s interests encompass many genres and styles. In July of 2009, she started writing a story about a teenage vampire named Pearl who suddenly and reluctantly starts to develop a […]

  • Illustrations and stories: Interview with artist and author Barbara Mason Rast

    Illustrator, artist, and children’s book author Barbara Mason Rast has etched out quite a name for herself in the creative world. Her joyful and detailed illustrations have graced the pages of several children’s books and they have also been exhibited in many libraries, galleries, and businesses in several states. A recent creative endeavor Barbara has […]

  • An interview with Tristy and Mark Viniello, inventors of the ‘Enchantails’ book series

    Mermaids are among the most iconic, famous, and beloved fantasy creatures that are instantly recognized across the globe. Husband and wife team Tristy and Mark Viniello have loved mermaid lore for years and decided to create new literature about these fascinating mythical beings. Their “Enchantails” line features books and comfortable mermaid-shaped sleeping bags that encourage […]

  • Interview with author Mary Simses

    Mary Simses is a novelist who grew up in Darien, Connecticut, and spent most of her life in New England. She has worked in magazine publishing and has experience as a corporate attorney. During her career, Mary wrote fiction in the spare time and many of her short stories were published in literary magazines. She […]

  • Interview With Julie Comeau

    Julie Comeau grew an online community of fans by sharing her life struggles and medical problems. During that time, Julie and her husband Vince began writing a book, My Book of Hope. Julie has used the book as a coping tool to not only deal with her problems but also the sickness and death of […]

  • Interview With Actor & Author Gregor Collins

    Gregor Collins is an actor and a bestselling author of The Accidental Caregiver which is currently ranked #1 in European Art History Bestsellers on Amazon. Entertainment Vine talks with Gregor about his book and more below.. Mandy: First, congrats on the success of the Accidental Caregiver, you must be proud, as I’m sure Maria is, […]

  • JANE – Interview with Robin Maxwell

    Everyone knows that famous Tarzan yell (and I would bet anything you are attempting an impression right at this very moment). Well, what about Jane? How much do you know about the love of Tarzan’s life? For the first time in history, a woman author writes the story of Tarzan and Jane. How do you […]