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  • Interview With Steve Katz

    Steve Katz is a singer/songwriter born in Belgium but has been residing in New York City. Steve was influenced by his mother’s musical taste growing up by listening to such bands as The Eagles, Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Steve recently released a 5 song EP, Barricades, and signed to an Indie label in NYC. We […]

  • Interview With Julie Comeau

    Julie Comeau grew an online community of fans by sharing her life struggles and medical problems. During that time, Julie and her husband Vince began writing a book, My Book of Hope. Julie has used the book as a coping tool to not only deal with her problems but also the sickness and death of […]

  • Interview With The Band: Slydigs

    The Slydigs are an up and coming band from England, that just released their debut album, “Never to be Tamed” on Flicknife Records on September 24th, 2012. With their hit single, “Electric Love” tearing up the charts, the Slydigs are set to take over the music world. We recently chatted with two of the band […]

  • Interview With Actor & Author Gregor Collins

    Gregor Collins is an actor and a bestselling author of The Accidental Caregiver which is currently ranked #1 in European Art History Bestsellers on Amazon. Entertainment Vine talks with Gregor about his book and more below.. Mandy: First, congrats on the success of the Accidental Caregiver, you must be proud, as I’m sure Maria is, […]