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  • “The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles Book I: The Shadow of Tiamat” – A Review

    The Shadow of Tiamat is a fantastic novel revolving around a war between feuding Dragons. It is a book of not merely love and heartfelt joy, but a tale of vile, fiendish villains and a strong, original hero. Filled to the brink with battle and courage, this is the first tale in a much larger […]

  • Nick Nicholson Interview

    Nick Nicholson was born ready for music with a father who had an interest in music. Performing first at the age of 12, this Gray Tennessee native began spreading his heart and warmth to others early. Joining the United States Air Force and eventually returning to music, Nick continues to inspire and bring joy to […]

  • Jesse Macht – An Exclusive Interview

    Jesse Macht is an up-and-coming musician with great talent and ability. He has released one digital released album with more intended to be released in August of 2011. Kale: Hello, I’d like to first thank you for the opportunity to interview you. When did you first start getting into music? Jesse: I’ve played with music […]

  • “Jesse Macht – Love is Another Drug” – Album Review

    Jesse Macht is an up-and-coming musician based in Los Angeles, California, who has formed Jesse Macht Music with Brian Bachman, Aaron Hubbard, Christopher Allis and Nick Amoroso. I found myself upon his page tonight and have discovered a fresh and gentle new breed of music. The tracks all equally solid in writing and artistic sense […]

  • Jesse Macht to Debut Three New Songs

    As of July 12, 2011, Jesse Macht is currently in progress of mixing three brand new tracks. They are entitled, This Car is a Bullet, Hey Annie and Anymore. Jesse is noted for his previous set of songs led by Love is Another Drug. Jesse leads the band Jesse Macht Music with fellow artists Brian Bachman, […]

  • “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Score – Review

    Returning to conduct the beautiful score of the fourth film in the epic Pirates of the Caribbean series is Hans Zimmer. Hans returns with amazing and original sound to better accent the series’ already vivid and alluring sound, but he is not alone. With him, is the sound of Rodrigo y Gabriela, bringing the feel […]

  • “Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game” Third Best-Selling Game of May 2011

    Coming in third place of top-selling games in May of 2011 was Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. With the over $1 billion grossing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides also being the highest grossing opening weekend for a film in May of 2011, the series is on its way to a […]